Our Story

we are an ANC Brands trademark.

Born in the heart of Porto, Portugal,

We're more than a shoe brand, we're a story of connection. Handmade with love in small family factories, our shoes embody the artisanal spirit of our craft, crafted with meticulous care and affection. Casta is about timeless and contemporary shoes that go beyond fashion.

We're a Family. This is our story.

We want you to be a part of it.

We pay attention to every detail, embracing boldness to unveil the strength of a woman's feminine side. Each pair of shoes carries the essence of Portugal's charm and the heartwarming touch of handcrafted.

Chrome Free

We use super soft, vegetable tanned leathers.

Worldwide shipping

We offer free shipping in all purchases.

24/7 support

Text us anytime using our chat service.